Face to Face with the message of Matthew

The Gospel’s narrative tells how the Messiah, Jesus, rejected by Israel, teaches, dies and rises and finally sends the disciples to preach his Gospel to the whole world to the very end of the age.

Dr Peter Bolt, Head of Moore College’s Department of New Testament and Greek is coordinating 2014’s School of Theology.

“Across the centuries, Matthew's Gospel has been a special favourite of God's people, with its own special appeal and plenty of 'purple passages’. It brings us face to face with our Lord and Saviour, his teaching, his ministry, and it closes with the famous 'Great Commission' as he sends his followers out to make disciples of all nations” Dr Bolt said.

Dr Bolt continued, “We stand as part of those nations into which the Gospel of Matthew shines as a light into the darkness.”

The School aims to help us to understand the message of Matthew and how it can be taught to those in the 21st century.

Conference Program

  • Matthew Jensen - Taking over the Heritage: Israel, Jesus, and his Church
  • Bill Salier - The Field is the World
  • Jeff Read - Preaching Matthew for a Year
  • Jane Tooher - Warming to Matthew’s Women
  • Keith Birchley - St Matthew’s Passion in Musical and Theological Perspective
  • Paul Williamson - Matthew’s Use of the Old Testament
  • Michael Stead - Expect the Unexpected. Matthew’s use of Zechariah
  • Ben Cooper - That Cursed Messiah
  • Peter Bolt - Sensible Story-Telling

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